Dog Ear Protection for Preventing Dog Ear Infections.

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Welcome to AquaBandit International the makers of the new AquaBandit, the ultimate in Dog Swimming Ear Protection. Perfect for swimming, hiking, hunting, grooming and overall Dog Ear Protection.

Our unique Dog Ear Protection product is designed to help prevent water and debris from entering the ear canal of the dog, while providing maximum comfort and sustained durability.

The Patent Pending, AquaBandit, was developed by two health conscious Entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in Education, Finance, and Personal Training/Wellness.

Our mission is simple; to create a non-invasive approach in the prevention of canine ear infections, which currently affect a vast majority of the dog population and cause much discomfort.

Dogs of all breeds will appreciate and enjoy using the AquaBandit, and you will have the peace of mind knowing your pets ears are being protected from various outdoor elements and irritants. For dog ear protection, there is only one choice.

Here is a video testimonial of our product. Enjoy!

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