Protect Dog Ears from Water | Dog Ear Surgery Protection

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This is Stevie, a 5 year old lab who loves to swim but was getting chronic ear infections. Aqua bandit is seriously the best thing we have ever found! She is able to swim anytime and we don’t have to worry about another vet bill! We were skeptical at first but now are true believers and are trying to spread the word!

“It arrived today and got a test run with my dogs. It’s a 10! Lost of serious diving and inside ears are dry. WOW, WOW, WOW!

I have a golden retriever named Juliet who is 8 years old. We live near the beach and she goes swimming about 3 times a week. I have had problems with repeated ear infections and nothing has helped to prevent them like your product. I am so happy to finally feel confident when she goes swimming that her ears are protected and will be kept dry inside by wearing her Aquabandit. She actually loves wearing it and we haven’t had a single ear problem since the first day. Thank you so much!

The Aquabandit absolutely works! The band fits our dogs great and kept the water out. No more trips to the vet because of ear problems. We love it!

Hey, wasn’t sure if you needed any customer appreciation photos but we just used the Aquabandit to give buddy a bath and it made it so much easier to keep his ears from getting wet! It’s a great product and I will do all I can to spread the word! Just posted on Instagram and Twitter (@boufouchon). Feel free to use this on your website if you want to. Thanks again.